Findings of the month

I miss a bits of Riga, that’s why I posted random picture I took of the Riga ‘transformers’ (It has nothing common with the topic of the post, haha)

So, guys and girls, here is the list of my best of the best discoveries which helped me to become a bit smarter, brought to me energy, inspiration and fun to work. Hope you will enjoy and share some of your findings. Cheers!


Great typography inspiration by Typewolf , here you can find all sorts of free types which are not Google web fonts only.

Become a better Designer by joining Gibbon University. Very interesting posts and readings for even experienced designers.

Have you heard about free prototyping tool from your phone? I just started testing Napkin and it is cool!

Have you tried this Pingendo app for prototyping with Bootstrap? I am about to! Any comments/experiences?

My music discovery of the week belongs to band Wilson, these are heavy metal dudes with the upcoming concert dates which are hitting Europe! Rock on!

Great, kick-ass podcast for startups, entrepreneurs and wannabes by Justin Jackson, called Build&Launch – this guy is having 4 kids, full-time job and manages ti build one product a week (he also has a very passionate wife, I bet!). Truly great advices!

If you are a parent, having a full-time job, kids and even want to do something on the side, hats off! Then there will come moments when you can’t put 100% of yourself in work and family. Interview with Allan Branch will make you not to feel bad about yourself and move on happily.