Passion in ‘Seriously We Think Free’ magazine

Each new person you meet or just notice daily leaves a dot of impression in your mind, is it good or bad – depends. I love to meet people who are not afraid of taking control over their dreams and moving forward to achieve those. I love to be inspired by the energy of their stories, experience and learn from it. 

In ‘Seriously We Think Free’ magazine the stories and experiences are told by the same readers of the magazine and our writers, bloggers, story-tellers are the ones who would like to share their way of doing, inspiring, creating and succeeding to make a difference for good. 

On the other hand we want to encourage readers to take little challenges which we placed in magazine and participate, co-create the content. It is done by integrating the social media connected pages, games, some die-cuts or cutouts in the magazine, places where readers can leave the message for the next readers. We encourage people to memorize print as contemporary media which is easier to read but it still can be hip by integrating  some unusual print solution, new look on advertisement as well connect print with all possible digital and electronic technologies.We encourage you to relax and get the physical magazine which can be touched, explored and read in the old-fashioned way, just open it and plan your next trip, inspire yourself with other reader stories and when you finished reading it then give it to someone else to be inspired.

And I love to put all these stories on the pages, reflect writers personality and figure out some interesting interactivity for it to motivate people to do it, to experience the story themselves. That is the reason for many interactions, die-cuts, games and some interesting social media connections in the magazine. We took all our printing, editing, design and communication mistakes into consideration from Issue 1 and as hard as the start was I am sure the progress will not be easier and faster. But we are on the way!

Issue 2 production just starting and we are slowly filling up our brainstorming wall with all those crazy ideas and deciding which one of those have to go or stay. And I am really crossing my fingers and hoping that you are as excited as I am. Put +1 if you would like to see Issue 2 be developed (we are counting it to see how many copies to print; our little user testing let’s say, hehe) : and I will crash my fingers and continue working on it 🙂


The first is out

Sir Justin Jackson is the one who inspired and encouraged me today to learn from the first attempt and make the second one better. He mastered it with his article and left me with full power woman posture, high raised head and straight spine, of course. Me and my great co-founder did incredible job in starting up the first issue of our collaborative magazine Seriously We Think Free – there were ups and downs and no knowledge at all on how to start the bloody startup. No matter how many books we have read and how many inspiring  ‘Start with why’ videos we have watched, it didn’t gave us all step-by-step start the startup manual until we tried it on our skin. And though very exhausted I am gratefully pleased with the result, experience, meeting fantastic team mates and listening to the feedback – good or bad it will make us improve. No matter what you have in mind, what interests drives, if you want to start something in the field you don’t know nothing about – do it! Try not only once, but try many times till you nail it! The feeling it will leave you with is great!