15 min illustrations in Photoshop

I blindly refused to think that with the motherhood will come situation when ‘active-me’ will have absolutely no time for designing, experimenting and myself what-so ever. But here it came, ta-dam!

But harder situations, makes you think more creative! While feeding with one hand, the other is free to push some unbelievable shortcuts and compete with piano player hand stretches. And this is the way how I managed to train myself in 15min illustrations in Photoshop using shapes and figures plus making some posters for a friends venues.









Infographic blast!

Lately I have been obsessed with infographics and have been creating at least bunch of them! I love to think about the ways on how to showcase the information and as well I am getting better in illustrating it.

Hope you will enjoy some of my creations: http://visual.ly/users/elinafrolova

And check my latest infographic about which I am particularly prod of.

How to pack most efficiently, infographic for the space-saving travelers