Findings of the month

I miss a bits of Riga, that’s why I posted random picture I took of the Riga ‘transformers’ (It has nothing common with the topic of the post, haha)

So, guys and girls, here is the list of my best of the best discoveries which helped me to become a bit smarter, brought to me energy, inspiration and fun to work. Hope you will enjoy and share some of your findings. Cheers!


Great typography inspiration by Typewolf , here you can find all sorts of free types which are not Google web fonts only.

Become a better Designer by joining Gibbon University. Very interesting posts and readings for even experienced designers.

Have you heard about free prototyping tool from your phone? I just started testing Napkin and it is cool!

Have you tried this Pingendo app for prototyping with Bootstrap? I am about to! Any comments/experiences?

My music discovery of the week belongs to band Wilson, these are heavy metal dudes with the upcoming concert dates which are hitting Europe! Rock on!

Great, kick-ass podcast for startups, entrepreneurs and wannabes by Justin Jackson, called Build&Launch – this guy is having 4 kids, full-time job and manages ti build one product a week (he also has a very passionate wife, I bet!). Truly great advices!

If you are a parent, having a full-time job, kids and even want to do something on the side, hats off! Then there will come moments when you can’t put 100% of yourself in work and family. Interview with Allan Branch will make you not to feel bad about yourself and move on happily.


Nelson Can, I can

Recently I discovered Danish lady-trio band NelsonCan which is filling my ears with creative joy on repeat. Warmly suggesting to listen to all of their tunes in Soundcloud.

15 min illustrations in Photoshop

I blindly refused to think that with the motherhood will come situation when ‘active-me’ will have absolutely no time for designing, experimenting and myself what-so ever. But here it came, ta-dam!

But harder situations, makes you think more creative! While feeding with one hand, the other is free to push some unbelievable shortcuts and compete with piano player hand stretches. And this is the way how I managed to train myself in 15min illustrations in Photoshop using shapes and figures plus making some posters for a friends venues.








Passion in ‘Seriously We Think Free’ magazine

Each new person you meet or just notice daily leaves a dot of impression in your mind, is it good or bad – depends. I love to meet people who are not afraid of taking control over their dreams and moving forward to achieve those. I love to be inspired by the energy of their stories, experience and learn from it. 

In ‘Seriously We Think Free’ magazine the stories and experiences are told by the same readers of the magazine and our writers, bloggers, story-tellers are the ones who would like to share their way of doing, inspiring, creating and succeeding to make a difference for good. 

On the other hand we want to encourage readers to take little challenges which we placed in magazine and participate, co-create the content. It is done by integrating the social media connected pages, games, some die-cuts or cutouts in the magazine, places where readers can leave the message for the next readers. We encourage people to memorize print as contemporary media which is easier to read but it still can be hip by integrating  some unusual print solution, new look on advertisement as well connect print with all possible digital and electronic technologies.We encourage you to relax and get the physical magazine which can be touched, explored and read in the old-fashioned way, just open it and plan your next trip, inspire yourself with other reader stories and when you finished reading it then give it to someone else to be inspired.

And I love to put all these stories on the pages, reflect writers personality and figure out some interesting interactivity for it to motivate people to do it, to experience the story themselves. That is the reason for many interactions, die-cuts, games and some interesting social media connections in the magazine. We took all our printing, editing, design and communication mistakes into consideration from Issue 1 and as hard as the start was I am sure the progress will not be easier and faster. But we are on the way!

Issue 2 production just starting and we are slowly filling up our brainstorming wall with all those crazy ideas and deciding which one of those have to go or stay. And I am really crossing my fingers and hoping that you are as excited as I am. Put +1 if you would like to see Issue 2 be developed (we are counting it to see how many copies to print; our little user testing let’s say, hehe) : and I will crash my fingers and continue working on it 🙂


With the spring sun comes new things, yet unexperienced moments and freshness!

My online portfolio were crying for freshness something about FOREVER! And everybody knows how hard it is to build the portfolio for yourself, as you are the worst client you have ever had!

I wanted to learn new Adobe Muse, therefore pushed myself to watch some tutorials for newbies and in 2 days my simple portfolio were made – what a happiness! In fact, I finally put some of my photos in Flickr, which makes my life even easier! 🙂

Please Enjoy (hopefully) my Flickr and Portfolio!

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 7.49.29 AM

Aarhus and Aalborg

Week ago me and my significant other went to the other part of Denmark to see the biggest cities in Jylland island – Aalborg and Aarhus. If you are wondering to visit Copenhagen, then don’t forget about gaining some experience in these cities as well. Because the nature and all mood of the cities is fabulous, at least I fell in love with Aalborg. Did you know there are hills in Denmark? If you are going to Aalborg then I suggest you to stay in Hvide Hus Hotel  with the most awesomely fantastic view ever! Just check it!

As well this city is more then popular with the biggest party street in Denmark, though as a street it is not so big, but how bloody cool is it! Jomfru Ane Gade (Virgin Ane Street from Danish- irony,nah?hehe) The street is filled with wide and huge bars, clubs which are inside the buildings (with not so straight walls) built in 18th century. All karma is screaming in the evenings – Party on, guys!

All mood of the city reminds me something cozy, seems like the place for artsy peeps, some hipsters etc. It’s like – you want to wear your sweatpants but the most stylish high heel shoes, light up the cigarette and walk through the streets with the ‘I don’t care’ face on. So different from Copenhagen, seems so much older and with the bigger history..basically – I Love it!


The next couple days were spent in Aarhus – the city is mixing between Copenhagen and Aalborg. There is still feeling of some history, Copenhagen busy environment and looks like miniature copy of Copenhagen. But what is the best thing we experienced there is the Aros – Art museum with the biggest collection of art works outside the Copenhagen. Colossal building with exhibitions placed in 9 floors, and the top is rainbow panorama with the view of the city (done by Olafur Eliasson)! I was inspired by everything there  – video and multimedia projects done by Tony Ousler (‘Face to Face’) and the very interesting works of new artists collected under the name ‘Catch 12’, it definitely made my trip, as well, because we saw original Merlin Monroe portraits done by Andy Warhol.. what?? I have never even imagined that the time and placement will be so successful and I will see it in real life someday. I won’t fear these words – but this is the best gallery I have ever been to! Won’t tell more – go and see yourself! GO!


For the mood of the day choose Chromatics – Kill for Love