I am Elina aka Frolina Designs. I am passionate digital designer, innovator and day-dreamer. Dig into my portfolio: http://frolina.org

I have co-founded ‘Seriously We Think Free’ magazine for curious people, where I am actively participating in all crazy ideas; being passionate about music, design, new technologies, interactions and how to change and be educated for good. I can talk about art history for hours and find inspiration even in the smallest daily details. Design is turned into my obsession as well as learning and discovering new things is my daily dose of food.

In this digital space I am sharing my experiences on how to build something from nothing; how to run a side-project, besides that having full-time job and family; how I am coping with learning new things along the way.

Feel free to drop me a message or write me about your findings! 🙂 


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